Rizzi Francesco Monument to St. Anthony – 1765

Basilica of Saint Anthony, Magnolia cloister Restoration supported by a donation Restoration by Monica Vial July 2018

The monument, in white stone, is located in the Magnolia cloister and consists of an arch with bas-reliefs and a statue of Saint Anthony placed in a decorated niche. The work is the result of a composition of several elements: the statue, executed in 1765, by the Paduan sculptor Francesco Rizzi, the later decorated pilaster strips of the niche, and the arch in precious marble which is much older and resembles the style of the decorations of the Ark.

The monument was intact as a whole, but covered with a considerable layer of dirt that altered its original colour. The intervention required a first cleaning with soft brushes and dust pick-up, then a second intervention with compresses and the application of specific products. After the plastering and sealing of gaps and micro-cracks, some pictorial retouching in the decoration was necessary. A protective layer of microcrystalline wax was finally applied to the statue, its base, and the inserts of marble of the arch.