Rinaldino of France Saint Anthony – Around 1390

Originally in a niche above the central door of the Basilica, soon to be placed in the Antonian Museum Restoration supported by Farmafactoring Foundation, Milan Restoration by Giorgio Socrate, AR Arte and Restauro S.r.l. December 2018

The statue of the saint, of the end of the fourteenth century, was once placed in the external niche of the façade of the Basilica, above the central entrance door. Exposure to atmospheric agents threatened not only the integrity of the artwork, but it was close to determining, with the deterioration of the statue, a serious danger to the passage below. It was then removed and, on this occasion, the restoration was carried out. With the approval of the Soprintendenza, the statue was cleaned in compliance with the current surface finish, limiting the polishing to the elimination of the accumulated incoherent deposits; diagnostic tests were carried out and detached parts, particularly the right arm, replaced. After the plastering of lesions and cracks, a slight chromatic veiling was put on to provide a more correct reading.