Fourteenth century painter Saint Ludwig from Toulouse Saint Lucy

Basilica of Saint Anthony, pillars of the counter-façade Restoration supported by the Veneranda Arca di S. Antonio thanks to the Music Festival with the MoMus – More Music Association, Padua Restoration by Giordano Passarella October 2018

The frescoes are found inside the Basilica in niches carved in the pillars of the counter-façade and represent Saint Ludovico from Tolosa (14th century) and Saint Lucy (14th century) painted frontally and full-length, on a dark monochrome background, bordered by the simple alternation of black and white frames and green and yellow bands; on the Saints’ head there is a halo engraved on the plaster and finished with gold leaf. The state of conservation before restoration was not good and the figures appeared to be severely compromised by numerous alterations. The cleaning, with the removal of the thick layer of dirt, has brought to light details and colours of the pictorial decoration; some old metallic elements no longer in use have been mechanically eliminated and old stucco works lowered or removed. All the areas of plaster affected by detachments have been consolidated and the pictorial retouching, performed with watercolours, has intended to give chromatic unity to the paintings, always keeping recognizable the difference between original parts and reconstructions.