Tadeusz Popiel Wall frescoes, Polish Chapel 1899

Basilica of Saint Anthony, Polish Chapel Restoration by Elżbieta Barbara Lenart, commissioned by the Krakow National Museum and funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage December 2017

Some years ago, the gate of Alberto Calligaris, an Art Nouveau triumph, had been returned to its precious chromaticism, and now the restoration of one of the radial chapels, that we are accustomed to seeing dark and closed, has brought back to life the frescoes, revealing the intense colours and a spectacular technique implemented by the painter Taduesz Popiel, who realized them at the end of the nineteenth century, when Poland no longer existed, dismembered among the European powers. This chapel and the various other restorations carried out in the Basilica depict a world of Art Nouveau that probably had a fundamental centre in Padua and in the Basilica of Saint Anthony. The important links between the Saint and Poland are also attested by the commitment of the Polish nation that, through the Krakow National Museum, commissioned the restorer E. Barbara Lenart and financed the works with funds from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.