Funeral monument by Stefano Ubaldini de Ripa, 1621 – Funeral monument by Stanislaus Friznekier, 1690

Basilica of Saint Anthony, left aisle, altar of Saint Stanislaus Restoration by Elżbieta Barbara Lenart on behalf of the Krakow National Museum and funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage December 2017

The state of conservation of the two monuments – which are respectively on the right and left of the altar of St. Maximilian Kolbe, formerly of St. Stanislaus, in the left aisle of the basilica – was discreet. Both showed widespread phenomena of dirt and soot due to both air pollution and carbon black especially due the use of candles in the past decades. A maintenance type of restoration was carried out, mainly a careful cleaning in order to bring to light the original aesthetic effect and allow the right reading of the shape and colour of the different types of marble, gilding and polychromy applied on the surface of the stone.