A project by Veneranda Arca di S. Antonio and LoveItaly
The restoretion will start in 2019
Thanks to all who have generously contributed througth donations


In the Basilica of St. Antony, in a niche carved into the wall, is one of the first representations of St. Anthony which dates to 1350s. The image is almost life-sized and, befitting his saintly status, its position is raised above the observer, making the Saint appear physically present. He is offering a gesture of blessing, as if underlining the interaction between his representation and the faithful, while the book in his right hand symbolizes his doctrine.
The simplicity of the image makes it immediately accessible and gives it an iconic force, while also attesting Giotto’s¬† heritage. The positioning of this fresco, at the very entrance to the church, was no casual, but a way of welcoming the faithful on their arrival.

With LOVE ITALY and with your help, we want to protect this ancient image of Saint Anthony. Join the crowdfunding campaign: with a minimum contribution of Euro 10,00 you will help to restore the precious fresco of the Saint and leave a concrete sign of your commitment to art.

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With LoveItaly they contributed to the restoration of the ancient representation of Saint Anthony:

  • Tracy Roberts
  • Stefano Pighini
  • Carlo Lombardini
  • Charles Garrett
  • Giorgetta Bonfiglio Dosio
  • Paolo Smali
  • Victoria Lindsley
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