The Venerable Ark of St. Anthony

The Venerable Ark of St. Anthony is the body in charge of the preservation and the improvement of the Basilica’s monumental complex and of the other buildings such as the Friary with its Cloisters, the Anthonian Library, the Museum, the Oratory of St. George and the Little School of the Saint.

The Presidency of the Ark consists of 7 members, including the Rector of the Basilica of St Anthony.

The Basilica of St Anthony is a monument of invaluable beauty for Padua and the whole world.

The Venerable Ark of St. Anthony has been operating for over 6 centuries (it was founded on 1396).

The new Presidency has been in charge since September 2016 and it’s responsible for carrying on the work of many laymen who, during the centuries, have voluntarily devoted themselves to the administration of the properties in order to keep and preserve the Basilica and its historical and artistic treasuries. Every year about 3 million pilgrims visit this stunning Basilica where St. Anthony’s tomb lays.


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